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October 03, 2007



Funny! What we need to do is keep the Brandywines from getting that first crack to begin with. I hope you'll try them again next year as they are so good and tomato-y.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens


That's funny. My Brandywines don't crack at all, but I have a sprinkling system so they're getting watered on a regular schedule. This year I did have a problem with my Lemon Boy and Brandywine tomatoes cross-pollinating (I assume) and I had a bunch of orange tomatoes on the Brandywine plant. I do love the flavor of Brandywines though, so do try them again!


None of my other tomatoes had crack so I don't know where they got it in the first place. I probably will try them again next year.

I am trying to put a whole new veggie garden in by next year so maybe if I get it in on time I will try brandywines again.


Who knew how far the 'crack' epidemic would spread? What's next? Zucchini methadone clinics? Your post gave me a much needed smile.


It is a very interesting crack design though!


Here the main culprit of cracking tomatoes is lack of calcium in the soil. It happens all the time if you don't add calicium when planting. We use oystershell lime or dolomite. If one of our customers forget to apply the lime when planting and they get the cracking they can spray a liquid calcium product right on the plant and soil. Works most of the time.


Chigiy, this is hilarious...and I am so jealous you thought of this entry before I did!


Yah, you have to watch the amount of methadone you give zucchinis. They could become vegetables.

Actually the tomato is kind of pretty...in a weird sort of cracked way.

Good advice. You're a handy guy to know. Thank you. I love your blog BTW.

I thought of it. Will you let me know if someone steals it? Ha!

Yolanda Elizabet

Never mind the cracks, as long as it tastes good, that's all that matters. It helps btw to water regularly to prevent tomatoes from cracking up. ;-)


Someone should engineer a tomato variety that is improved by cracking. Seems everywhere I go gardeners complain. Some mad scientist should get on this and turn this into a feature of tomatoes like collecting sap from Maples.

Bare Bones Gardener

Now if only they would crack along the seam lines to make it easier to prepare them ...

Um varieties ready to split along the vertical segments for salads, and ones ready for slices.

Wonder if we can make them preforated while we are at it.....

mark kohl

try digging hole a few inches deeper than usual 3 to 8 inches. put in a pinch of lime and a teaspoon or table spoon of your fertiler (i use miracale grow).in bottom of hole place fertlier and lime. cover with dirt 3 to 8 inches .then plant tomatoe. like usual. i have not had a problem. GOOD LUCK/////

Best gardening

I experienced this type of crack problem first time..http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php But i dint take much care in garden.. Your article and markohl had given me a good ides.. Glad to visit your blog..

Backyard Gardner

Crack problem. I was a crack victum too but found what my problem was. "Inconsistant watering". I would allow the ground to get dry and the green tomatoes would begin to ripen, then I was giving the ground a really good long watering several days back to back. This burst of water to the roots promoted a sudden groth that the outer skin of the tomato was not ready for and caused the cracking. I resolved my issus by using a sprinkler on a timer that applied regular watering for the tomato's in my garden (40+ tomato plants). I hope this helps. Having balanced soil is critical as well for optimal growth

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