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August 26, 2007



They're so CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!! (And tiny.)


Oh, wow! I was going to try to enter the contest, but you have me beat, for sure.

Wow...those rule.


I'm not sure about all those things you say I am that you are not, but I hope you will say I am gracious in defeat... those ARE indeed tiny, tiny tomatoes. I've not heard of currant tomatoes, so I'll be looking those up.

Good job!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens


Those are pretty small. Today I thought I'd seen the tiniest tomatoes ever but you've beat even the ones in my salad.

Cool post.

Annie in Austin

They sure are cute, Chigiy - do they taste like a tomato if you just eat one, or do you need to eat a handful to get the tomato flavor?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


I love the thimble-full of tomatoes ... you've got the words for a song there!

I bet they taste delicious too.


Whoa, you've definitely got Carol beat on this one. Those are the tiniest, cutest tomatoes I've ever seen!


My tomatoes thank you for the compliment.

There is always next year.

You are indeed gracious. Thank you.
email me your mailing address and I'll send you some seeds. They are extremely prolific.
These are the tomatoes that reseed themselves all over my yard every year.

Mr. Brown Thumb,
Thank you.
I hope your salad was tasty.

One does taste like a tomato.
They are quite sweet but the skin to tomato ratio can be a problem.
So far the best uses I have come up with are in guacamole, (little bursts of flavor) and in pasta salads, and roasted in pasta salads. Yum.

You and Annie are the musicians, maybe you can help me out with the song.

They are teensie.
I pay my kids to pick them because I just don't have the time. Oy!


Never seen these before! I bet they would be good in pasta salad, no need to chop!

Annie in Austin

Years ago Mike Nesmith had a song parody on Guantanamera [sp?] called One-ton tomato... yours could just follow the tune

Ti-ny- to-ma-to!
I've got a ti-ny- to-ma-to!
My small- to-maaaaaa-tooohh
Beat Chris & chuck B and Caaarooool



I love you.
You are so fun.
Did Mike Nesmith write that song?
I used to have a crush on Mickey Dolenz sp?


I was out of this contest before it began, but I have to chime in... Kylee's right. It's sooooo CUUUUUUTE! (Er, they're so cute. Well, one is cute but a thimbleful is pushing the boundaries of cuteness. Or something.)


I had to drop by and check out my competition. Wow. Those are indeed the winner! They are so cute.


Crafty Gardener

You certainly do have the smallest tomatoes. Congratulations.


Kim and Crafty,
Thank you.


Och, another fantastic G.A. blog post! As you say, those wee toms are deliciously sweet and bursting with flavor. We use them as early morning breath-fresheners.

Anyway, I hope to get a few volunteers next year from that one baby you gave me.

Kudos, oh Maven of the Green-Digit.

Yolanda Elizabet

OK, you won tiniest tomato but come and see my winning humongously BIG tomato! This you've got to see. ;-)


Congrats on those teeny-tiny little tomatoes!!!! They are amazing!


Yolanda Elizabet,
Very cute post. I enjoyed it.

Thank you for stopping by.

Ottawa Gardener

I love them! What variety are they?


they are small but,i hate to say they don't look real, the green stem part looks too perfect not a single spot, they look like candy with green paper stems glued on, sorry.


They taste like candy but I assure you they are very real.
They self seed every year and they are all over my garden. If I get around to it I'll take a photo of them on the vine.

Gardening Seeds

small but cute tomatoes awww!!!


I loved snacking on those babies. Miss you guys!


You have to pick a lot to get a mouth full.


I think You do a great job. Thanks

Rooster Shamblin

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Judy Ibell

please e-mail me how I can buy some of these tiny tomatoes please I'm not on twitter or facebook!

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