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May 13, 2007



What a lovely post in memory of your mother. My own mom died in 1998 and I miss her every day still.

Wicked Gardener

What touching post. I think I'll call my mom now. :)


Chigiy, what a beautiful post, and a wonderful tribute to your Mom. Happy Green Thumb Sunday to you, and a happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.

kimmy ratcliff

hello chigiy I read your post and I thought it was wonderful!!!! Tell Liam I had fun playing basketball with him at school.

-Tanner Ratcliff


What a beautiful post; your Mum certainly did well teaching you the joys of gardening.


What a beautiful tribute to your mother. The joy she encouraged you to develop shines brightly.

Lily Rodriguez

Happy Mother's Day Chigiy! We love you! Vince has warm profound memories of his Grandma Trena's backyard. He too spent hours with her in her garden. We are thinking of you both today! XOXO!


A beautifully written post and a wonderful legacy of the love of gardening. I am bringing the garden I have inherited back to life in the memory of my husband's grandma.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK


A beautiful post. It's it amazing the things that we inherit, like gifts that sustain us after the ones we love are gone? I'm so glad that your mother shared this gift with you, even if it was against your will at first. LOL!


Very touching, and I enjoyed the pictures of your mom too. What a lovely tribute. I'm going to forward to my mom!


I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Mom's are hard to lose. No one loves you like your mom:)

Dear Wicked Gardener,
Calling your mom is what this post is all about. Thanks.

Thank you. Happy GTS to you too.


Hey Tanner,
Thank you for reading my post.
How is your blog going?

Liam said he had fun too.

Keep on blogging:)

Dear Ruth and Acey,
Thank you for visiting!

Dear Lily,
Thank you for the beautiful comment. Hope to see you soon!


I enjoyed this post. Your mom truly had a passion for gardening. I can blame my green thumb on my mother as well, she has a jungle growing in her living room and soon I will too!


Your mum taught you well - even though The Monkees or Batman might have been more important at the time, you were soaking up your mum's passion. I love the thought of your mum liberating plants and plant bits. That would have been fun!!

I loved your pictures which went along so well with your words.


Your mother was the greatest.
Except for you.
xoxo -r


Great pictures, Chigiy. The more recent ones brought back a flood of fond memories. I remember what an amazing woman your mom was. Trena Edson was the happiest person I knew. She always had a smile on her face. In fact, the only times I ever saw her mad was when the idiot next door chopped down a 75-year-old magnolia tree, and when I told her I'd voted Republican in November 2000.


Thanks for visiting.
Enjoy bringing that garden back to life.

I have to beg or threaten my boys to help me in the garden. I always wonder if they will pick up the "gardening bug" or not. I hope they do.

I'm glad you liked it.
I hope your mom likes it too.


Moms are the best.
Enjoy your jungle.

Thank you. My mom was very consevative in many ways, this made stealing plants with her all the more fun.

Thanks honey.
I love you.


So tender and sweet, yet funny. I think I am PMSing because I am in tears thinking of my own mom, your lost mom and all the other moms out there. The pictures were toooo great!


My mom loved you a lot. She was happy to share her yard with you.
I'm sure she was disappointed that you voted Republican.
There was speculation at her memorial service that a Republican in the White House may have contributed to her untimely death.
In spite of your political beliefs, you were still one of her favorite people.


You are so sweet.
You have a wonderful family.
Enjoy them.


I love your story about your mom, she truly had the passion for gardening. She sounds like me... picking seeds from the park or neighborhood's flowers, while on walk. One time i tried to break the twig of a hydrangea to grow from cutting but then the whole thing got pulled off. My husband said.. soon we will end up in jail, just for the love of flowers. Lucky the hydrangea survive.

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