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March 28, 2007


Annie in Austin

Oh, Chigiy - my side hurts from laughing - this is too hilarious. If you did have a keeper, you would have had less of an adventure! The photos may be moody but they're also very beautiful and dramatic.

It would have been fun to go with you, and guess what? The first stop would have been the ladies' room, I would have had my handy, lined fold up tote ready to unzip and fill with stuff, and we'd get to see everything nice and slow because I'm slow. There could be some advantages for you in hanging out with a mature garden pal:)

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


A great post. I'd love to be able to go to a show like this!


As one of the members of the "Starbucks" crew who did not go with you to the show, thanks for the show. I imagined parking the car with you (cheapo), enjoying the wonderful smell of earth (aka fertilized dirt) and because of your pictures, presumably the nicest exhibits. I did all of this from the comfort of my home and didn't have to help carry your stuff. Hey, the Cow Palace aint my thing.


As another member of the Starbucks crew who didn't go with you, thanks for the recap! Wow. I'm scared of going with you next year. But I'll go. I'll bring the bags. And we'll meet at Starbucks the next morning and tell Paree all about what she missed.


I would have gone with you! I would have taken off from work, too. But dang, INDIANA is a long way, in so many ways, from California.

I skipped our flower and patio show this year, mostly a time thing, mostly it has been a big bore the last few years and no author like Jeff L. (Did you know that for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club we read his book in January? You know about the book club right?!)


Annie, You'll have to head out here next March and go to the show with me. We'll go slow and I wont be bumbling around as much.

Ruth, It's a wonderful show. Some years it's better than others, but I always enjoy it.

Paree, Your house tomorrow? I'll be the one in the orange crocks.

Amber, you should be scared, you know what I'm really like now.

Carol, I need to get more info on the Book Club. I think I want to join:)


Chiqiy... just go to www.gardenbloggersbookclub.blogspot.com for details. We pick a book to read, read it, post about it, and then I publish a post with links to all the posts. It's fun! We usually have a dozen or so participate, but have room for everyone, even if you don't actually read the book selection!


Hi Chigiy, I'm so glad Rich passed on your garden blog to me. I'm a gardening fanatic & always have bigger dreams than my pocket book or time. So I really enjoyed all your stories & photos here on your blog, esp. this one about the S.F. Garden Show. I would have LOVED to go with you & would have as I had the time off, except 4000 miles is a bit far to go on second thought, but give me more notice & I'll think about it. LOL
One thing, I hate to leave early! ... have to see every booth! How about getting a sitter for the kids on that day?
It's just my style, incl Cow Palace & of course going to the furthest rest room. Plus always pick the furthest stall from the restroom door, as it is usually the cleanest & has the most toilet paper!
You are a very talented writer & I couldn't put your blog down. It was hysterical!
BTW, I would have brought the canvas bag, b/c S.F. is making the news here big time in Nova Scotia b/c it is the first city in No.Am. to ban the plastic bag being handed out free in stores. Some cities in Canada want to copy this idea including Halifax & one town already has.
Nova Scotia is very ecoogical. We have one of the best recycle reuse system in the World! Other countries come here to study us!!!!
We are also 1 of the only places in the world to be Scent Free & have been for about 8 years now! It started voluntarily in 1992 by the general public who didn't want to offend other's sensory buds! People wrote editorials stating how unkind & offensive perfume or after shave is to people who don't wear it & the idea mushroomed. Signs went up everywhere reminding people to be sensitive to others in the scent free world of Nova Scotia. Even people going out to nightclubs refrain from perfume & aftershave.
It became so popular that in mid 90s NYC's perfume marketing industry noticed a big down turn in sales in NS!!! This is how it Nova Scotia became known around the world for its voluntary scent free policy. Check it out on the Net sometime if you have time!!! It may be spring here but it is still too cold to plant anything ... 32F daytime and 22 F at night. Brrr.

P.S. BTW, I went to the Boston Garden Show with Mary, your husband's sister in 2001. It was nice but not nearly as beautiful as the SF one. They also had bags.


Ester, you will have to plan a trip out here in March so we can go the the show together. And bring your bag.


What a wonderful read!! I can only say that I am glad to read about someone else who manages to forget bags, throws away the wrong things, runs out of camera batteries at the most inopportune times ... it is rather a relief.

The pictures turned out great ... why is there a car in the first flower display?? or should I not be asking?


Well Kate, actually the car in the garden is my car. Remember I said I parked across the street and I didn't feel comfortable parking it there, so I drove it toward the Cow Palace. While I was crossing the intersection, I lost controll of the vehicle careened through the entrance of the show, down a flight of cement steps and ended up in John Greenlee's garden.

It doesn't seem so far fetched, given the way my day was going.


OMG- TOO funny! If I would have know that morning at Starbucks it would have been this hilarious, you know I would have gone! And your pictures turned out great and made me miss seeing those gardens because they are so cool! Let's make sure we go next year. I like Amber will bring you a bag! Is there a way to get in on the calendar now? Let me know! Cheering you on in the garden. xoxo


Hey Chigiy: I went too, and if I would have known you were going we could have gone together, and there would have been two crazy women dropping stuff, tripping and spilling wine (Well I did that). But we would have fun doing it. It was a great show and your pictures are gorgeous. Let's get together at Filoli before it's too late.

roses philippines

I also instantly caught up in the throngs of people and all that inspiring greenery. And this garden so gorgeous!



Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.

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